Chatter on the Lightning Experience home page

Summer 16 lets you customize the Lightning Home Page with these components... The Problem ...but there's no chatter feed! I've already had several people ask for that. I guess we should build a custom component (hang on, this one's easy, and you can do it). The component First, you'll need my domain turned on (this is true for any custom component). Next, in the dev console, create a new lightning component. I called my ChatterFeed. Use this tiny bit of code <aura:component implements="force:appHostable,flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes" access= »

Automate Chatter Follows through Process Builder

There are some good packages on the AppExchange for automating chatter follow/unfollows, based on customer-created rules. I wanted to bring that Follow functionality into Process Builder so that it could be part of the larger process rather than in a separate place, hopefully simplifying the lives of admins. The obvious inputs are the userId (either hardcoded or as a reference to some related record) and the "what to follow" recordId. Here's what the code looks like. I've got 2 checks in there to verify that the customer is actually »

Locking and Unlocking records from Process Builder / Flows

The Winter16 release came with an unexpected surprise buried in it--you can lock and unlock records via Apex. The release details are here and the original idea was here Back in the old days, we had to make up fake approval processes to get this result. And after process builder was released, we could auto-submit items to our fake approval processes to get record locking. The other alternative was creating a "locked" checkbox field and using it for a validation rule. The beauty of this coming to apex is that »

Moving a Heroku App

I used to have this blog running on Ghost, with the default theme, sitting on Heroku. When I did the redesign to use the new Lightning Design System, I spun up a new version of ghost-on-heroku, which had newer versions of node, ghost, and probably many other dependencies. Migrating the DB I didn't want to migrate the content (touching a real database is still scary to someone who mostly works with Salesforce's very friendly abstracted DB). Fortunately, Heroku sets up the database as an environmental variable so that my new »

Here's a post on Lightning Design System

I've re-CSS-ed the blog to run on the new Salesforce Lightning Design System The blog itself is running on Ghost, sitting on top of Heroku. This is pretty rough, but here's the Design System theme for Ghost that I'm using. You'll have to do some cleanup before using it because I've hardcoded a few things in it. »