delete ALL the scratch orgs

I've been testing some automated deployment stuff lately, and it's generating a lot of scratch orgs. So I hit my allowed limit. Of course, I could force:org:list and than delete each one. But I'm really, really lazy. Here's a simple file that I keep in a /scripts folder in my the same folder I keep all my projects. delete [select id from activeScratchOrg]; You can run this by saying sfdx force:apex:execute -f [wherever you put that file] -u [the alias for your hub] If you didn't »

SFDX for extreme laziness login

You've probably heard about SFDX, for developers, automation, continuous integration, testing, scratch orgs, etc. It's also, incidentally, a fantastic login manager. Setup open a terminal type sfdx force:auth:web:login -a SomeAlias this takes you to a login, and after that, the org is stored in your sfdx's list. Use Cool. Now, anytime I need to open that org, I can just say sfdx force:org:open -u SomeAlias If you can't keep up with all the aliases, you can always sfdx force:org:list to get a list »

Lightning Input Labels

UPDATE: don't do anything like what I wrote below anymore. The summer17 release introduced a parameter for handling this (no custom CSS required!) variant="label-hidden" <lightning:input label="how many" placeholder="how many?..." value="{!v.something}" type="number" variant="label-hidden"/> This hides the label from view, but still makes it available for assistive tools. original post below (don't do this unless you have to use old versions for some reason). Salesforce is deeply committed to accessibility, and that shows up in the code. For example, lightning:input has »

Refactoring with force:recordData

I recently rebuilt AnythingPath using the Lightning Data Service, aka Aura Data Service, or Data Service, or force:recordData fka force:recordPreview. If you just want to peruse the code without my explanations, here's before and after Data Service is Awesome It's more performant, let a lot of apex be removed, and simplifies the architecture. The original version was implementing this dynamically created streaming topic to get updates when you changed the value using the edit button or the details inline edit...basically hacking to get what force:recordData gives »

Shipping Tracking Links

What can you do with tracking codes in Salesforce? Provide easy access to tracking visibility in Salesforce so agents can answer customer questions Show this on your customer community so they don't have to call you at all Let all your employees see where orders are ("When's my new laptop showing up?") 3 custom fields Wherever you want to track, create the following 3 fields: Tracking_Number__c (text) Shipping_Provider__c (it's a picklist with these values) A formula field to show the link, based on which provider was »